Cooling / Hot Water System, Filter Cleaning System, Chilling Plant

UNI-MECH understands the Industrial problems and develops some important utility systems with their unique features.

UNI-MECH has Designed Indigenous System like :

  • Cooling / Hot Water System (HWS)
  • Filter Cleaning System (FCS)
  • Chilling System / Chilling Plant
  • Pressure Reducing Station
  • Air Handling Unit
  • Material Conveying System

Applications :

  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical Plants
  • Food
  • HVAC
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel
  • Breweries

Features :

  • Compact & Indigenous Design
  • Customized solutions to meet all process requirements
  • Easy Installation
  • PID controllers with PLC systems

Cooling / Hot Water System :

Hot / Cold Water System is the most commonly used in versatile and compact fully automatic skid mounted unit. Hot / Cooling Water System is designed with higher energy efficient solution on heat Transfer requirements. It is operated by way of Steam / Electrical / Solar / Brine Water etc.

Cooling / Hot Water System Manufacturer

Filter Cleaning System (FCS) :

Manual/Automatic Filter Cleaning System is used for Filter Cleaning in AHU areas. UNI-MECH manufactures the system complete with washing, scrubbing and drying of single / double Filters (600x600x300 mm approximately.)
Uni-Mech manufactures Storage Tanks/Vessel ranging from 1 KLto350 KL in capacity.

Filter Cleaning System Manufacturer

Chilling System / Chilling Plant :

Uni-Mech manufactures Chilling Plant with 1 ton to 200 ton Capacity, up to Minus 80 °C Temperature in skid mounted unit with Automation. Uni-Mech also manufactures Cold Storages, Incubators and Lyophilizes Chilling Systems.